Version: 1.4a
Last Update: Feb. 20, 2008
Language: Spanish
Idea: DarkPepe
Programing: LarryX

Info: English




Mapdown is a little application to download and install automaticly maps for Battefield 2(r).
Mapdown only requires an internet connection and .NET Framework 1.1 (Normaly included on Windows XP SP1 Instalation)

Install under your own responsability.!!
The only valid source for this download is; We cant ensure the integrity of the files from other providers.
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- Battlefield 2
- .NET Framework 1.1
- To install the maps, mapdown must be installed on a partition with at least double of the space used for each downloaded map.
For example, if the map is 20MB, you must have at least 40 MB free on your Hard drive.

Known Bugs of version 1.3
- With two simultaneous downloads, the first one goe sto stand by until the second one is finished.
- After AutoUpdate, the program must be restarted to clean the home directory of temporal files for the update.
- The installed Maps List does not auto update after the instalation of a new map.
- The names of the installed maps and the maps on the server are registred as text fields.

Change Log:

* 1.4a

- Added "Resume" support for incompleate Downloads

* 1.4

- Increased Connection Timeout

- Added Basic Support for mod Download

* 1.0

- Added new timmer and bandwith-meter

- New Documentation inside the program

- Sounds Added

* BETA 0.60

- Connection mode changed.

* 0.56pb

- Some Look And Feel Changes.

* 0.55pb

- Removed the text fiield properties from the downlodeable map list

- Added a "new" flag for recently added maps (to the list)

* 0.54pb

- Private Beta

* 0.53pb

- AutoUpdae Feature totally reprogramed. Now, the program checks for updates on startup.

- Adder Dialog to AutoUpdate Button.

- Added Error dialog for Source FTP failure to connect.

- Changes on the Download Buttons

* 0.52cb

- Private Beta

* 0.51cb

- Timeout for slow downloads modified for fitting with low bandwith connections.

* 0.5cb

- Added AutoUpdate Feature.

- Added Text Box for AutoUpdate

- Changed Lang Variables

- Program Icon Added.

* 0.4cb

- Internal Beta

* 0.3cb

- Improvement to the download system
- Some messages are been translated acording to the language of the Operative System.

* 0.2cb

- Solves the problem with different date formats for program outdated failsafe.
- Added documentation about Trust Level for a .NET Framework Assembly
- Removed the source of the zip file during transfer.
- Adds the dll for the decompression of the files into the exe file as a built in.

* 0.1cb

- First Public Release.

* Previous Versions:

Internal Alpha.

ToDo List:
- Add a resume system for incomplete downloads
- Add md5 signature to the downloads.
- Forbid the instalation over stock map's path.
- Ability to delete maps.
- Compare the lists between installed and server maps to dont show allready downloaded maps.
- Add a mod download tab.
- Add the MOD name where the map is been installed.
- Add Help docs.
- Add button to start the game.
- Add Paypal Button (yes, money plz)
- Add support for mod downloads.
- Add support for multiple map lists.
- Add Selectable path for map instalation.
- Add p2p suppor
- Add Blond, virgin chick with a ferrari.

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